Jewel Goldi (India)

An SRK Alliance

Having integrated world class Jewellery manufacturing facilities established during the 2004. As we marched in 2nd Decades of our operations, our consistent core business theories surely helped us to win the confidence of leading Jewellery houses across India and other domain countries of operations. Since inception Jewel Goldi adopted 100% B2B mode of operand and has well defined associated supply chain across different verticals and demography. On the time scale we are still young but in the Journey we have surely been empowered by the 53 long Years of existence expertise of our parent company SRK.

Mr. Perfect Unit

Jewel Goldi has kept a sharp focus in developing theme based products which carriers some unique USP’s. Spearheading a new era in India’s manufacturing industry; Creativity in the art of manufacturing is JGI credo. We Goldies practised mix of Man-Machine-Motivation as Growth engine during the journey. High expectation from associates inspires Goldi’s to deliver Best in Business Practices and further motivate us to Move on and Explore new dimensions in the jewellery arena. In the Year 2012, we attain the status of Mr. Perfect manufacturing unit by establishing Flagship manufacturing facility with the annual setting capacity of more than 5Million. We believe the best indices to judge yourself is not only the graphical representation but the litmus test is perception of customers.