• What are conflict diamonds? Are all diamonds used by JEWEL GOLDI “conflict free” and “Natural”?

    Conflict diamonds are the ones that are mined and illegally traded in central and western Africa to fund wars in conflict zones. Such diamonds are referred as Conflict diamonds or Blood diamonds. Diamonds used in our jewelry are sourced from official rough suppliers. We believe in being ethical and have always ensured that all the rough diamonds we procure are Kimberly process compliant.
  • What Is JEWEL GOLDI’s annual production capacity?

    Our manufacturing facility has annual production capacity of1000 kg of gold and setting up Five million diamonds which is expected to expand with increase in Jewel Goldi’s B2B presence in the domestic market.
  • What makes JEWEL GOLDI different from other companies?

    We have a strong presence in domestic market as a leading diamond jewelry manufacturer. The Best and Superior quality diamonds, innovative product concepts; ethical practices, and service-oriented approach are our strengths which distinguishes us from our competitors.
  • Which diamond grading certificates do JEWEL GOLDI offers?

    Each and every stone set in our jewelry is inspected and certified by renowned laboratories such as International Gemological Institute (IGI), European Gemological Laboratory (EGL), Indian Diamond Institute (IDI), Solitaire Gemological Labs (SGL), Diamond & Gem Laboratories of America (DGLA) etc. In addition to this we provide our in-house certificate of authenticity based on the grading done by our in-house grading department.
  • Does JEWEL GOLDI provide the service of customization?

    Yes, we take orders for customized/ new designs based on customer’s requirement.
  • What are JEWEL GOLDI’s payment terms?

    Payment of the orders confirmed must be made in advance. You can transfer funds from your bank to ours via RTGS, cheque, NEFT.
  • In how many days the order gets delivered?

    As we work on “Make to Order” basis it takes 20-25 business days to safely deliver your order, which includes production time, certification time and time to ship at your shipping address. (Note: - business days does not include festival holidays and Sundays)
  • Who are our official logistics partners?

    We work with reputed logistics services like Sequel, Blue Dart, BVC etc. Also order is delivered in tamper-proof packaging in such a way that jewelry pieces remain intact.