Chairman's Message
A lonely yet lively shadow sat somewhere in an unknown corner. His hands were performing the duty of a. diamond cutter, of but his eyes were imagining him taking over the world. Those hands were mine and those eyes were mine. Yes, my dear friends, this was the beginning of my ambitious journey

After leaving my job, I ventured into the business of diamonds and launched SRK. I witnessed several ups and downs, but what always remained firm with me were my integrity, perseverance and humbleness, that played a vital role in paving my way to success.

Shree Ramkrishna Exports Pvt. Ltd. (SRK) has achieved several benchmarks in the Indian diamond manufacturing industry. We are proud to have some very prominent global names as our customers and associates - from diamond wholesalers, jewelry manufacturers, retail traders, chain stores to small independent stores - and welcoming more. While we shape diamonds, it’s actually they who have shaped us.

In the last few years, India’s augmentation in the diamond trade has been amazing and its growth graph is expected to accelerate in future. As always, SRK will keep striving to meet all the demands of worldwide customers through constant investment in technology, well-trained manpower and quality services.

But, I shall never be able to forget the positive lessons that I learnt from my lonely shadow in an unknown corner. Hence, the definition of SRK will forever go beyond diamonds. As a body SRK will remain a leading diamond manufacturer, but its mind will always exude honesty and its soul humanity!